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Tips contributed by Doris
If your laptop turns up missing (how's that for English?)
is a site for a free download to tracking your missing laptop. You can even take a picture of the person using it. Mugshot!
--Or you can buy the services of a recovery team that will track your computer. Cost $59.99/yr. (or $109.99 for 3 yrs.) -
from: Computrace Lo-Jack for Laptops Premium Software - the article failed to give the site. Go figure! DCD

To avoid Spam....
When ordering something online, you can register for temporary e-mail account at
It's free. Your new e-address will be good for receiving messages for 15 minutes and good for sending messages for 60 minutes; and then it evaporates.

For an interesting cooking site...

Mark shared this site: -where you can rent an old-fashioned photo booth (that produces the strips of photos) for a great party attraction