People Attending

We were not able to meet because the Internet was not available (power outage fried the uplink). We met on 3-21-08.


  • Dianne writes: Today, let's use this wiki for collaboration... When Mark's baby arrives, what will be our plan of action? I'm listing a few needs. Who is willing to take responsibility for the following? If other items need to be added to the list, please do so.

    • Asking staff who wants a lunch from the cafeteria. Giving this info to the lunchroom staff.
    • Bringing the lunch trays to the meeting.
    • Returning the lunch trays to the cafeteria.
    • Creating a poster for the wiki (a different person or two people each week... a great learning experience) Also, printing and posting three copies in education.
    • Creating the new page for Meet-up Notes and listing the three main sections (or more) Perhaps a sections for: How do I? or I need to review..
    • Facilitating the meeting to keep things running smoothly (I suggest a time to share always be included.) Facilitation does not have to mean "teaching..." but it might
    • Adding links you have found interesting or helpful before the meeting
    • Adding ideas to Topics. If we can't cover everything in one meeting, we can carry them over to the following week.


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