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What We Discussed

  • Using some of the links below, we each searched for a free web resource that we could potentially use in our classroom.
  • How to use tabbed browsing in Firefox

Links From Today

Free Technology for Teachers

(This picture made using Jing)

  • Mikey: Cameron Carpenter playing Sousa's Stars & Stripes Foreveron the Marshall & Ogeltree digital computer organ on Wall Street. The church's former pipe organ was severely damaged when the World Trade Centers came down. • I would use this in class to discuss recent history, musicianship and coordination, and to evaluate the performance and discuss what aspects of this performance add to/take away from its entertainment value. One can also contrast this with the video: Piano With Balls.
  • Mikey: Audacity--Free Digital Audio (Recording sound) for your laptop. See the tech guy to get it installed on your computer or to show you how you can install it yourself.
  • Mikey: Max Digital Audio File Converter--Converts between many file formats to save space on your computer or for easily transferring files. Will convert batch groups of files.
  • Dianne: Why use technology? Watch this video. Technology is the Door to the Future
  • Dianne: This claymation project trom teachertube is really cute. Atoms of Adam
  • Tiz:
  • Gary: Drawing a rectangle
  • Chef: - a new type of recipe search engine. Enter the ingredients you have on hand and it spits out recipes using those ingredients.
  • Larry:
  • Lori:
  • Cheryl: This is a "spoof" on an administrative technique and "old dogs can learn new tricks".walkthroughs