This is the home for The MVYDC Laptop Lunch group.

Welcome to the Wiki for our little group. (If you don't know what a Wiki is, there is a good article here or you can watch this video). It is my hope that this space can become a place for our teachers to share, post questions, and collaborate on all things laptop and technology related.


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Here is what people are saying:

Wikispaces is an easy and convenient place to set up a digital learning space to complement face-to-face staff development. It’s free and straightforward . . . . without layers of bureaucracy to work through when dealing with limited time and energy.
Check out the MVYDC Laptop Lunch Group right here in the State of Maine as an excellent example.
Jim Burke, Learning in Maine

Please remember: this is not a space to discuss individual residents or other matters that could be considered confidential!

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